Tarot and Accuracy

As a new reader starting out, I pretty much broke into a sweat the first couple of times I read for people. Being painfully shy at the time did not help. I read Tarot for friends, and I also read Tarot online. For online readings, I’d say my piece then go hide under the desk, fretting about the accuracy of it all. I did this for at least the first couple of weeks. What if I was wrong? It was the end of the world.

Like many people unfamiliar and new to Tarot, I thought I had to be really accurate. Having a Stellium in Capricorn, I wanted to get a “good grade.” I had an ego and really low self-esteem, so it was a complicated and delicate situation. I would get fairly destroyed when I was wrong. Surprisingly, getting destroyed does not stop me. I get up and go again.

The benefit of growing up and gaining experience is perspective and that emotions mellow out. Along my Tarot journey, there was a discussion among readers about accuracy, and someone made a valuable point: accuracy isn’t that important.

That stuck with me. I no longer felt pressured to be right, and it actually helped me be a better reader. When you’re busy worrying about yourself, it’s harder to serve someone else.

By the way, I’m not saying accuracy is completely useless. I’m saying it’s not the only component. There’s a bigger picture.

People often compare Tarot reading to forecasting the weather. They are similar in that elements are always changing and neither of them are 100% accurate. The major difference is that you can’t affect the weather. No matter how hard you try, the weather will be what it will be. If I forecast, “You are going to…” You have a choice. You’re either going to take the action or not. If you do not, I will be wrong. If you do, I may be wrong or right. Whether I am right or wrong in this regard won’t really matter because it’s not important. What’s important is what do you want to do with your life? And how do these considerations and perspectives help?

I believe that you will always hear what you need to hear in a reading, so if I say something and you’re thinking, “Screw this!” Prove me wrong. Maybe the universe is performing reverse psychology.

What do you feel and believe about Tarot reading accuracy? What do you expect?

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