What’s your approach? What can I expect?
I use Tarot cards as a focal point to intuit or pick up information and add in astrology when it’s relevant. Through symbolism and a little magic, the cards describe probabilities and possibilities. From there, we can develop strategies based on the information you and the cards provide to get a really kick-ass result. Sometimes, you only need to see an alternate perspective. Other times, you’re encouraged to take the first steps to start. Whether you’re at the beginning of your life journey or on top of The World, a Tarot reading can provide keen insight to help you improve your life.

Do you need to believe in it for it to work?
No. You don’t have to believe in it at all for it to work. The reader doesn’t even have to believe in it to work, if you can believe it! However, a reading can be more constructive if you are open to working with it.

Can anybody learn to do it?
Yes. Everyone has a psychic sense. It’s just a matter of training and exercising it. Even if you aren’t a full-blown psychic, you still have your guts and intuition, which are tremendously powerful tools, too. You do not need to have special abilities in order to read.

What decks do you use?
I favor dark decks and decks with dark palettes, though I have a couple others. This is just my personal preference.

Do you do In-Person, Skype, or Phone Readings?
I only offer In-Person readings when I attend conventions.
I currently do not do Skype or Phone readings, but those options may be offered in the future.

How accurate is it?
If you follow the Pareto principle, you can expect a reading to be accurate 80% of the time. People are human. A reader can make mistakes or have off days. This is why intent is important. You can be 100% accurate but be completely unhelpful. You can be helpful but not be 100% accurate all the time.

Do you have any advice regarding picking a reader?
Review their ethics and approach. If you think they are a good fit for you, then great! There are readers who do predictive readings wonderfully, and there are those who use Tarot in a more spiritual manner. Neither is wrong. In fact, many use a combination of both. What matters is their intent and how well they execute their intent. If anyone ever tells you that you are cursed or that you shouldn’t tell anybody about your reading, RUN!

I’m afraid/nervous about getting a reading.
YOU are always in control regarding the outcomes in your life. If there is something you don’t like about your life, you can change it. A Tarot reading does not have to be scary! Although, sometimes, you might want it to be a little spooky. 🙂 The cards do not bite! A Tarot reading provides gentle guidance as life unfolds.

What are the differences between One-Card Readings and Consultations?
One-Card Readings are concise and to the point. They can answer questions with just the right amount of information. They are great for creating and maintaining focus.

Consultations, on the other hand, allow you to have a discussion or have a more in-depth reading. They offer more support. Sometimes one card is just right for the question you’re asking, sometimes three cards are more suitable to get to the bottom of your concern.

You can’t go wrong with either choice. Both will be able to get to the heart of the matter.

You can ask simple follow up or clarification questions to clarify what was said, but if you want another card pull, a consultation would be more suitable. Please buy a consultation if that is what you want. It’s not an One-Card Reading anymore if I pull two cards. 🙂

What happens if I want to extend a consultation?
If you’d like to extend a consultation, I can prorate by the minute. This will be pro-rated at the 30-minute consultation rate.

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