Thursday, May 8, 2014 – Work Behind the Scenes


Today, we have the 8 of Pentacles. Another Eight this week.

The Eight of Pentacles is associated with hard work and drudgery, much of which is “behind the scenes”. People don’t know how hard some people work to produce a certain result. Think of a public figure that produces amazing work and consider how many hours they dedicated to get there. Sometimes because a person doesn’t see the work directly, it’s assumed not much work was done to get a result. It’s not fair, but no one can read another person’s mind.

Do you feel your work is appreciated? Or, do you feel underappreciated for you contributions? Are you bothered much by lack of recognition, or are you fairly satisfied even if it’s not recognized?

Monday, February 17, 2014 – Busy Bee


Monday will be a typical Monday with the 8 of Pentacles.

This card is related to work, craft, and productiveness. It can also be about spending time perfecting one’s craft.

In the context of a Monday, well, it’s Monday.

Mondays are often busy.

On the plus side, nothing too dramatic should happen. That would’ve happened Friday.

Do you like Mondays?

Sunday, January 5, 2014 – Day for Cardinal signs and Doers

Sunday, we have the Eight of Pentacles.

Unfortunately, it may be a day that bores you to tears.

If you like what you have to do on your to-do list, then you’ll fair better than the rest. You’ll probably be excited and invigorated to be productive and get things done. This is Cardinal energy. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) start things, do things, and take control.

If not, the day may feel like you’re plugging away at something you’d rather not do. You want to go shopping, you want to have fun, you want sleep — you want to do something else!

You want to escape. (The Pisces Moon is still there in the sky.) Anything but this!

Well, I’m sorry. I truly am. It’s not one of those days. I’d chock the tense weekend up to the Cardinal Grand Cross. A person can feel like they’re caught up in a trap.

If you like to work, like the work you have to do, or have a positive outlook on the work that needs to get done, then this will be a good, productive day.

But if you want to slack, you may feel like you’re being dragged out of bed to do your chores.

In the first case, you’re aligning with the Cardinal energy. You’re initiating and doing what needs to get done of your own volition.

In the latter case, the Cardinal energy feels like it’s coming from outside of you and is expressed on to you. Like your mother telling you to get out of bed and clean your room.

Which scenario do you see yourself in? How well do you handle Cardinal energy?