Wednesday, January 29, 2014 – Capricorn Moon and Reality

Today, we have the Three of Swords.

If you are prone to daydreaming, that’s okay today, but I advise being careful of walking off any cliffs.

Like the Fool in the Fool card who seems oblivious to the cliff ahead, it’s advised not to recklessly step into traffic because you think the speeding, on-coming car will stop for you based on the momentary fancy that you’re impervious today.

Moon’s still in Capricorn (reality).

There’s no need to be paranoid. Just listen to your intuition. If you are in the habit of ignoring your intuition, this is a good day to listen to it because it will keep you out of harms way even if your mind is off in space. If something seems strange to you or you take special notice of something, your intuition is likely telling you something. There’s a reason you took a second look.

Are you in tune with your intuition? Do you listen to it? Do you act on it? Are you in the habit of ignoring it?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 – Power House


Tuesday, the Moon moves into Capricorn and we have the Queen of Wands.

This reminds me of the Queen (Moon) of Pentacles (Capricorn) and the Queen of Wands combination. The Moon rules needs, women, intuition, emotions, and nurture. Pentacles are associated with earth and Capricorn, depending on the reader and deck. I tend to think of the Queen of Pentacles as a businesswoman. She nurtures her business or earthly things.

Queen of Wands is a woman who is passionate and fiery. She is often associated with Leo, but she could be any sign. Courts show or highlight characteristics. This Queen is described as being dramatic, entertaining, and fun. She nurtures her passions.

With this combination of earth and fire, there is a lot of potential. Fire seeks, does, inspires, and creates. Earth provides traction, tenacity, and groundedness. It’s possible to go towards the deep end of either element, but when mixed well, you have someone who is has vision, drive, and the ability to make their vision real.

Do you see this energy today? Do you see this energy in yourself?

Sunday, January 5, 2014 – Day for Cardinal signs and Doers

Sunday, we have the Eight of Pentacles.

Unfortunately, it may be a day that bores you to tears.

If you like what you have to do on your to-do list, then you’ll fair better than the rest. You’ll probably be excited and invigorated to be productive and get things done. This is Cardinal energy. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) start things, do things, and take control.

If not, the day may feel like you’re plugging away at something you’d rather not do. You want to go shopping, you want to have fun, you want sleep — you want to do something else!

You want to escape. (The Pisces Moon is still there in the sky.) Anything but this!

Well, I’m sorry. I truly am. It’s not one of those days. I’d chock the tense weekend up to the Cardinal Grand Cross. A person can feel like they’re caught up in a trap.

If you like to work, like the work you have to do, or have a positive outlook on the work that needs to get done, then this will be a good, productive day.

But if you want to slack, you may feel like you’re being dragged out of bed to do your chores.

In the first case, you’re aligning with the Cardinal energy. You’re initiating and doing what needs to get done of your own volition.

In the latter case, the Cardinal energy feels like it’s coming from outside of you and is expressed on to you. Like your mother telling you to get out of bed and clean your room.

Which scenario do you see yourself in? How well do you handle Cardinal energy?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 – The New Year and Choices

The New Year kicks off with a New Moon in hardworking Capricorn, and the card for today, maybe even the year, is Two of Wands.

Two of wands is a dynamic card. Being a two, it is related to pairs. Being wands, the element is fire. Two of fire.

Did you know Mars is in Libra? Mars will be in Libra for another 7 months.

These are related by the way. Mars is a fiery planet and Libra likes to operate in twos.

Libras like to be paired and partnered. Libra also likes to see both sides of a situation.

So when you combine Mars (fire) with Libra, you can get fighting against the partner or the other, whoever ‘the other’ may be. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Well, I can’t stop the planets any more than you can; however, we have this card Two of Wands, and even with astrology, we have free will.

Twos are also about choices. Something that tortures our indecisive Libras out there.

Add in the wands… and you have choices about your actions, what you do, and what you invest your energy and passions in.

So this year, advice is try to align with the higher side of the energies available to you. Don’t pick fights with people (i.e. the other). Make good choices. Be fair. Decide on what activities or values you want to invest your energy in and decide what you want to stay out of. Act with integrity — something Capricorn is known for.

And if people start pointing fingers…  Remember: You have choices about what *you* do. They have choices about what *they* do.

Happy New Year!