Wednesday, January 1, 2014 – The New Year and Choices

The New Year kicks off with a New Moon in hardworking Capricorn, and the card for today, maybe even the year, is Two of Wands.

Two of wands is a dynamic card. Being a two, it is related to pairs. Being wands, the element is fire. Two of fire.

Did you know Mars is in Libra? Mars will be in Libra for another 7 months.

These are related by the way. Mars is a fiery planet and Libra likes to operate in twos.

Libras like to be paired and partnered. Libra also likes to see both sides of a situation.

So when you combine Mars (fire) with Libra, you can get fighting against the partner or the other, whoever ‘the other’ may be. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Well, I can’t stop the planets any more than you can; however, we have this card Two of Wands, and even with astrology, we have free will.

Twos are also about choices. Something that tortures our indecisive Libras out there.

Add in the wands… and you have choices about your actions, what you do, and what you invest your energy and passions in.

So this year, advice is try to align with the higher side of the energies available to you. Don’t pick fights with people (i.e. the other). Make good choices. Be fair. Decide on what activities or values you want to invest your energy in and decide what you want to stay out of. Act with integrity — something Capricorn is known for.

And if people start pointing fingers…  Remember: You have choices about what *you* do. They have choices about what *they* do.

Happy New Year!

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