Ruminating about the Death Card…

I’ve been getting the Death card a lot lately and thinking about it and Pluto quite a lot…

I have some posts intended… about 3 or 4 about the Death card, and honestly, I’m a bit afraid to release them. This is because I hate to be a downer, especially when it’s the holidays and the Sun is in happy Sagittarius. On the other hand, I don’t think they’re that bad since the posts aren’t really negative — they’re just touchy subjects. Also, they’re not completely written. I’ve sat on the first post for awhile, while the others are still ideas.

It’s also funny that the sequence 1234 has been showing up, which could also be related because of the relation to 4s. I don’t really think much of getting the Death card, other than it seems to reflect the energy around me at this time, like a theme.

Featured image: Hamlet by Lord Ronald Gower (Gower Monuments)

A “Fool”ish Quote

The cunning waste their pains;
The wise men vex their brains;
But the simpleton, who seeks no gains,
With belly full, he wanders free
As drifting boat upon the sea.

— Cao Xueqin, The Golden Days

November 24, 2014 ~ November 28, 2014

Monday, Nov. 24
2 of Pentacles
Monday is fairly humdrum… same old, same old. A good day to work diligently since the environment will be quiet. Everybody will be too busy fixated on their own work. I know — it doesn’t sound fun, but it’s a good day to clean out the drains … Continue reading

Tarot Happy Hour - Holidays 2014

Tarot Happy Hour – November 21, 2014!

Last year, around this time, I was having a hard time. This is my favorite time of the year, despite any problems. Elsaelsa has a Secret Santa every year, and that year, someone was my Secret Santa. I was very blessed around this time last year. Some very good things happened, although I also suffered a lot. I’ve been wanting to do another Tarot Happy Hour … Continue reading

Saturday, December 28, 2013 – The Fool

The Moon has moved into Scorpio. Can you feel it?

For Saturday, we have the Fool card. Typically, the Fool is light and carefree, but with the Moon in Scorpio, the feeling is different. It’s not light and wispy. There’s a tendency to want to lurk.

You may be apt to stay at home and daydream or fantasize the day away. Not bad for a Saturday, right?

Thoughts and desires might bubble to the surface on a day like this. Old memories buried might be remembered. Old and new ideas or visions may come to the forefront.

In a way, it’s a carefree day. You might spend your day reading a book, digesting a movie, or deep in thought. On another level, in the spirit of the Fool card, it’s a good day to be thinking about clearing the decks and letting fresh air in for the new year.

How’s the Moon in Scorpio affecting you? Do you have plans for the New Year?