Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – Whoosh!


Tuesday, we have the 8 of Wands.

The day will be fast-paced. People will be on the move.

Surely, you won’t be bored. There is not much strife today. People will be busy getting tasks done, one after the other. Best get out of their way. If you are in the way, they’re not going to stand there and argue with you. They’ll go around you and resume their schedule.

Are you on the move today?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 – Success!


Today, we have the 8 of Wands.

This card is often about swiftness and opportunity.

Eights mark the passage between the sevens and the nines. It is a place where a person can feel comfortable and secure or pursue the progression in the suit. Add in Wands (Fire), and you can see where the card relates to the first two meanings.

Moon in Aries is a warrior. Aries wants to win. Today will be like that. There will be opportunities to be successful.

Like depicted in the 6 of Wands.

How was your day? Did you see opportunities for success?