Friday, January 24, 2014 – Moon in Scorpio


Today, we have the 2 of Swords and the Moon enters Scorpio.

It reminds me of the book I am currently reading.

Swords are thoughts. People can get distracted by details and lose sight of what is really happening. Like when the magician creates an illusion by drawing attention to the left he is doing something on the right.

Magicians aren’t the only ones who do this. People sometimes do this too. They want you to look in another direction while they’re covertly doing something else. They put up a distraction.

A person can also distract themselves with too much mental clutter, failing to see what they intuitively know.

The advice for today is to listen to your intuition and not get distracted by the ‘show’, even when you’re the one creating the show in your head.

How are you feeling under the Scorpio Moon? Are you looking below the surface?

Saturday, December 28, 2013 – The Fool

The Moon has moved into Scorpio. Can you feel it?

For Saturday, we have the Fool card. Typically, the Fool is light and carefree, but with the Moon in Scorpio, the feeling is different. It’s not light and wispy. There’s a tendency to want to lurk.

You may be apt to stay at home and daydream or fantasize the day away. Not bad for a Saturday, right?

Thoughts and desires might bubble to the surface on a day like this. Old memories buried might be remembered. Old and new ideas or visions may come to the forefront.

In a way, it’s a carefree day. You might spend your day reading a book, digesting a movie, or deep in thought. On another level, in the spirit of the Fool card, it’s a good day to be thinking about clearing the decks and letting fresh air in for the new year.

How’s the Moon in Scorpio affecting you? Do you have plans for the New Year?