Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – Softness


Today, we have the Queen of Cups as the Moon crosses from nurturing Cancer into queenly Leo later in the day.

There is an emphasis on ‘soft’ traits today. Being comforting, supportive, and grounding will help those who are jarred or disturbed today.

This kind of quiet support can have a calming effect.

What do you see out there today?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 – Nostalgia


Tuesday, we have the Six of Cups.

It’s another dreamy, escapist day. The kind where it’s a ghost town by the end of the work day.

There’s opportunity to put your mind towards work today, but for many, old memories will be on the mind.

People may think of their roots, family, upbringing, and childhood (Moon in Cancer). It could be worth investigating.

Some people don’t really think of their roots or upbringing.

Do you analyze these kind of things? Or are you more focused on the present and future?

Monday, February 10, 2014 – Home Cooking


Monday, the Moon in Cancer conjuncts Jupiter. The mood is jovial. In addition, we have the 2 of Cups.

The meaning is straightforward. The card often features a couple, each with a cup. It conveys meeting, sharing, exchange, and intimacy.

You may find a lot of people meeting up together over a meal (Cancer) to exchange jokes (Jupiter) and stories (Jupiter) about travel (Jupiter) and family (Cancer).

It seemed like people were easily agitated over the weekend with the Moon in Gemini.

Hopefully, the homey feeling and good mood will bring people together. The Moon will be in its sign of dignity after all.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 – Indulgence and Restraint


Thursday, we have the 4 of Cups with the Moon in Libra.

The four of cups is often associated with boredom or ennui. In some decks, there is more emphasis on the imdulgence aspect. The figure is featured as drunk and would not like another drink.

Today will be like that. You could feel queasy or unease from too much of a good thing. It’s fun until you go overboard. Restraint is also depicted in some four of cups cards. The figure restrains themselves from taking another drink because they know they’ll be over there limit and regret it.

How do you feel today? Did you have to show restraint towards something you’d like to indulge in?