Friday, December 27, 2013 – Six of Pentacles

How was everyone’s Christmas? Still on vacation? Hope everyone is well.

If you’ve been reeling from the gaiety of Christmas, reality might be setting in today. Six of Pentacles is a sober card. In the Raider-Waite Tarot deck, it’s an image of a merchant giving to those in need.

Astrologically, the Sun moved from bouncy, happy, lofty Sagittarius into realistic, sober Capricorn on December 20th.

Did you share this Christmas? Were you generous? Did you share your energy, if not something material? I did. It did not have much, but it was the first time I could. I gave my time, and I was able to give gifts. And it was the best Christmas for me ever.

The reality of weight you gained from your holiday meal might be catching up to you about now. You’ve had your food and drink — you’ve indulged. The party is over, and you see you’ve gotta clean up. It’s back to work.

You might be looking around at what needs to be done and planning your New Year’s Resolutions about now. You know I am!

This card is also about humility. It’s not about giving in a big way with lights and confetti and fanciness. The Moon’s not in Leo anymore! The Moon is in Libra, heading into Scorpio in the morning. It’s about giving in little ways. Scorpio is about exchange of energy. See what I’m doing here on this blog tonight? Giving energy.

If you’ve been wanting to give, you can still give. Carry the spirit of Christmas with you. Volunteer your time, energy, or money. Even when it’s not Christmas.

How are you feeling today? Ever thought about giving in small ways? If you’ve been wanting to but haven’t, what’s stopping you?

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