Monday, December 30, 2013 – Lazy Monday

Monday, with the Moon still in Sagittarius, you may be inclined to escape, dream, or relax your day away.

Sometimes an escape is necessary and revitalizing, like water. That’s why people have spa days and go on vacations.

With all the bad news these days or additional stress, it’s good to remember to take care of yourself. You may have a billion things to do, but don’t forget to give yourself some time to recoup. Especially if you have Sun, rising, or planets in Capricorn. Quit trying to work on your break!

As you’re resting, you might get in touch with dreams or wishes you’ve forgotten about while you’ve been busy keeping up with everything you needed to do.

The Star isn’t just about one’s hopes and dreams. It’s also about faith and optimism, even when all you see in front of you is darkness.

So advice for today is to take care of yourself and revitalize yourself. I know it’s a Monday, but the dreamy energy out there still stands. If you manage to do this, the rest of the week will go much better than if you did not take time to get your energy back.

Wishing everyone a restful Monday.

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