Friday, January 31, 2014 – Choppy Waters


Friday, we have the Two of Pentacles.

The mood may be somewhat unsettled. The Moon is in Aquarius after all, and Aquarius is a sign of shocks, the unexpected, and surprises.

Today is best described as choppy waters. See the ships in the background? Imagine that one of them is you or that you’re on that ship. If you’re like me, you might feel seasick.

Today is like that. Or like trying to walk straight while drunk. The ground could be shifting beneath you.

Skill will be needed to stay on top of things as swirl around you. I wouldn’t feel too bad if everything I wanted done wasn’t done today, but I’d be prioritizing things that need to be done today.

Try not to get seasick. The accompanying advice for today would be to look on the positive side rather than dwelling on little things.

What was good? What were you proud of? What did you like? Not what you were disappointed in, what you felt you lacked, or what you hated. Keep your head above water.

How would you deal with this energy?

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