Wednesday, February 12, 2014 – Sun and Moon


Wednesday, the Moon moves into Leo around noon CST. We also have the High Priestess.

In astrology, the next zodiac sign is supposed to trump the sign before it.

Since we have Moon in Cancer, which is a very watery and intuitive sign, proceeded by shiny Leo today, the High Priestess card seems to be a reminder to listen to one’s intuitive gifts and to honor one’s identity. One of the things the High Priestess is about is what a person intuitively knows and may or may not be consciously aware of.

These signs are ruled by the Moon and the Sun respectively. The Moon needs and the Sun shines. These are important components of one’s birth chart to satisfy and be aware of, especially if you’re not nurturing yourself enough (ignoring/denying needs) or you’re fighting against yourself. It would be similar to not nourishing yourself enough by not eating.

For information, you would look at the signs these luminaries are in in your chart along with the house and aspects.

Are you familiar with the Sun and Moon in your chart? Do you identify with your Sun sign? What about your Moon sign? Do you feel sufficiently nourished?

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