Friday, May 9, 2014 – Nurturing


Friday, we have the Empress.

The Empress deals with nurture, the mother, the feminine, and protection. In the RWS, she is associated with Venus.

Today’s prompt focuses on nurture. What makes you feel nurtured? What do you nurture? What do you create through nurture? In a person’s chart, this would be indicated by the placement of your Moon.

A person recreates situations that reflect how they were nurtured, much like the experience was imprinted. One scenario that often occurs is a person is brought up around circumstances or behaviors that are out of the norm, but since they grew up with it, they presume it is normal, only to grow up and find out it’s not. Sometimes, the person doesn’t reach that discovery for a couple of different reasons.

How do your ideas about nurture influence your relationships, actions, and philosophy?

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