November 24, 2014 ~ November 28, 2014

I really enjoyed Tarot Happy Hour. It was good!

Monday, Nov. 24
2 of Pentacles
Monday is fairly humdrum… same old, same old. A good day to work diligently since the environment will be quiet. Everybody will be too busy fixated on their own work. I know — it doesn’t sound fun, but it’s a good day to clean out the drains.

Tuesday, Nov. 25
Knight of Pentacles
Tuesday is much of a continuation of Monday, with the additional incentive to prioritize or start goal-setting.  Even if you didn’t start with a goal in mind, you may feel like you’re working towards one. Think about the future.

Wednesday, Nov. 26
Queen of Pentacles
You know, I shuffled these. I’m not aiming for a flush. Wednesday, the Queen of Pentacles asks you to consider and take everything you’ve learned, put it together, and put it to good use. How can what I have and what I do benefit humanity? What is my role on this earth? How do I fit as part of the larger machine?

Thursday, Nov. 27
10 of Cups
Dreamy, swoony, Thursday. People will be excited and happy. Celebrations and drinks all around. Turkey day party! People will be absolutely wasted.

Friday, Nov. 28
8 of Cups
Friday, hangover day. Most people, including you, probably won’t be thinking very clearly with all those fuzzy thoughts. You may see their eyes dilate in fear as you head towards them to start up conversation. People won’t want you to come over because since you’re “too loud”. 🙂

How’s your week?

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