Wednesday, April 30, 2014 – Mental Anguish


Wednesday, we have the 9 of Swords.

Emotions run high today as the cardinal grand cross continues and the Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. The friction can be expressed as paranoia or oppression. On the positive side, the Moon is in Taurus, offering the ability to stabilize one’s emotions.

There is a lot of strife in the sky, however there are little blessings as well, such as the Moon being exalted in Taurus. You can be caught up in the 9 of Swords mind-hell, or you can snap out of it and steer clear of the illusions created by anxiety.

How well do you fare when people around you are panicking? Are you the rock, or does the effect bleed into your psyche?

Friday, February 14, 2014 – High Drama


February 14 is Valentine’s Day and the last day of Chinese New Year celebration. There is also a Full Moon in Leo.

Today, we have 9 of Swords, which is usually associated with worry, mental clutter, and nightmares.

What does this card have to do with full moons?

A Full Moon gives heightened energy. It tends to be more chaotic during a full moon in general. The energy affects people. Add in Leo (drama). Are the scenarios a person manufactures in their head not dramatic? How many times has something turned out less dramatically and better than you imagined?

Now that you understand this potent energy, you can use it to your benefit. This is highly creative energy which can be used for good or ill.

What was your experience with the Full Moon in Leo?