Jupiter and Faith and A Shout Out to the ElsaElsa Blog

I wish I could find a certain post from ElsaElsa. Elsa is a professional astrologer who has written many thousands of posts, and it’s like trying to find one post out of 10,000.

Her post described a phenomenon where when you’re just about to give up, you get support out of nowhere. Someone comes along and restores your faith! It’s happened to her, and it’s happened to me quite a few times.

It actually happened to me again recently. It’s always unexpected. I’ve seen it happen to others. They lost their homes, and in the strangest way, by the stories they tell, they found out about a faith-based organization that would help them. It’s like witnessing a miracle.

In my most recent case, I think it’s due to Jupiter like outlined below.

So I’m sharing her post, in hopes that you get some respite from Jupiter in the Cardinal Grand Cross.

The Jupiter Effect on the Cardinal Grand Cross by ElsaElsa

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