No Daily Tarot This Week

I won’t be able to do the Daily Tarot posts this week.

I’ve been trying to conserve my energy because I will be driving a lot over the weekend, but it’s not working very well. I’m also starting to get sick like everyone around me… which means I’m not getting enough rest.

As much as I’d like to do the forecasts this week, I think it’s better that I not push my limits. It’s been much busier for me since the start of the year, but this week, time and energy is particularly constrained. I will definitely resume posting the Daily Tarot on Monday, starting with Tuesday’s forecast.

With Cardinal planets in my chart, the grand cross is hitting me hard.

And imagine, after I made this decision to not to the Daily Tarot this week because I wanted to get some much-needed rest, I started thinking of other things I ‘might as well do’ because I wanted to get them done. I didn’t even want to wait until tomorrow, when I’d have rested up more. (By the way, the Moon is still in Aries, a sign which typically does not like to wait or sit still.)

Anyways, I swear I’m resting! (And not trying to clean or what-not.)

~Be back on Monday with Tuesday’s Tarot post!

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