Saturday, January 18, 2014 – Justice


Today, we have the Justice card.

I am reading Gavin De Becker’s The Gift of Fear, and I found it interesting that DNA is can be so influential. The book asked that you think about your roots, your blood, your childhood, and your motivations in order to understand yourself and others better.

The Justice card is all over this. Justice is about cause and effect. In this case, I thought about the effects of the previous generation on the next on the next and so forth. And then there you are in the present! The result of generations of cause and effects.

The next layer of Justice is the duality, the polarity, the two sides of the story. Do you project a part of yourself you do not accept onto someone else? Do you blame others for your own issues? Are there parts of yourself you have in common with those you wish to distance yourself from? Is it your face staring back at you?

Another layer is the responsibility aspect. Accepting all parts of yourself, taking responsibility, and exercising free will to choose your actions, whatever situation you’ve been through.

Lastly, Justice reminds us that all our actions have consequences. Karma. If you do something, there is a result. Back to the beginning: cause and effect.

Do you think about these kind of things? Where did your train of though lead you? Do you see the Justice card in your life?

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