Sunday, January 19, 2014 – Perspective


Sunday, we have the Wheel of Fortune.

Like to yesterday’s card, Justice, the Wheel of Fortune talks about karma, actions, and consequences. What goes around comes around.

The card also talks about cycles, opportunities, and luck. The Wheel of Fortune is related to Jupiter, which rules opportunities, optimism, vision, luck, (big) perspective, and the future.

Today, the emphasis is on taking the long view: seeing the big picture and seeing where you are in the big picture.

Perhaps, you are having a bad day or feeling lost. You’d be served by taking the long view. It’s just a drop in the bucket in the length of your life. Perhaps your experience serves a larger purpose.

Or, maybe you’re wrapped up in the details and stuck. Assessing where you are and coming up with a vision of where you want to be could be a step in the right direction.

Whatever situation you might be in, the advice for today is simple: keep the long view — the big picture — in mind.

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