Tarot vs Astrology

Tarot vs. Astrology

While Tarot and Astrology are often lumped together, there are some functional differences.

Astrology is fairly standard.

If you’re having a Saturn in the 12th transit, you’re going to be able to find several books on it which will say similar things.

If you’re a Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., the descriptions for each individual sign will be similar no matter what.

If you have Sun in the 6th, the descriptions will be similar no matter what.

The chart of the sky for Monday, 12:00 PM CST will be universally the same for all those using astrology.

Tarot is a playing card deck used as a divination tool, subject to chance. Similarly, there are no standard meanings for playing cards either.

If you take all the Tarot books, they’re not going to say similar things…

If you have Queen of Wands in one deck and Queen of Wands in another deck, they’re not necessarily going to be interpreted the same way. There are thousands of decks.

If you have Two of Swords on Monday and Two of Swords on Friday, they’re not necessarily going to be interpreted the same way.

If you have 10 of Pentacles for one question and 10 of Pentacles for another question, the little white book isn’t going to help you with contextual interpretation.

What does this all mean?

Astrology is going to say, “These are the energies you will be dealing with for this amount of time.”
Tarot is going to say, “Here’s this, this, and this. Reader, make sense of it.”

What do you know about Tarot? What about Astrology?

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