Lunatic Tarot Week November 17 - 21

November 17, 2014 ~ November 21, 2014

10 of Pentacles
Monday, there is a feeling of wealth, comfort, and abundance. You may feel the desire to be generous, invest, or re-invest. With Pentacles involved, it is likely to be something tangible. You may desire to give money, give a gift, or bake a cake. Pentacles are sensual. You may invest your time to produce something.

2 of Pentacles
Tuesday, more Pentacles, but this time in motion. This may indicate you’ve been working on two projects, two chores, or two jobs. When the pentacles (earth) swipe against each other, it’s not necessarily bad. Earthy materials can be struck against each other to start a fire. They can be used to form a bolas in order to take down those physically stronger. They can even be used to climb higher. Find ways to create synergy.

5 of Swords
Ouch, but it’s not so bad. It’s not devastating like last week. You may experience a set back, but it’s only disappointing. Slap on the band-aid. Slog through it, and do your best to do things greater than yourself — strive.

7 of Wands
Leader or rebel? Leader rebel? I don’t know. Pick one! Thursday, your Uranus might be feeling pretty shiny. Uranus (rebel) in Aries (leader) appears to be the theme for day. Do you want to lead, rebel, or both? Is there something you want to fight against or start? There’s a fire lit under your…

10 of Wands
Friday, 10 of Wands is not a happy camper. It looks stressful because it indicates overwork. So, do your work, do your stuff, and go home. Go home and rest. Stop what you’re doing. There’s a limit to what a person can take. Take care of yourself and enjoy your weekend.

How’s your week?

If you are struggling with any of these issues, please book a reading.

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