December 15, 2014 ~ December 19, 2014

Monday, Dec. 15
7 of Cups
Monday presents a lofty feeling… It’s hard to tell whether a person is being unyieldingly hopeful, or whether their optimism is warranted. Nonetheless, there are positive feelings of optimism and bliss. Use these to your advantage, rather than allow these good feelings to lull you to sleep. If you know the feeling is unwarranted, perhaps you only need to make a tweak in your actions so that wishful thinking becomes hope with a chance.

Tues, Dec. 16
Ace of Cups
Tuesday, the pressure is off. There is no tension, and the day is yours to do whatever you want. With such a harmonious atmosphere, you’re likely to feel successful with whatever you decide to do.

Wednesday, Dec. 17
Knight of Pentacles
Wednesday, there is an emphasis on your hard-working and studious nature. Progress will slow to a crawl, but that’s no so bad if you are studying something deeply. You might want to take your time to go over what you’ve learned and turn it around in your mind.

Thursday, Dec. 18
Thursday, the World is there before you. Your confidence, skill, and mastery are evident. Thursday is a great day to start a project, make a presentation, or broadcast your voice. Your confidence today will be an asset.

Friday, Dec. 19
Friday, the day isn’t exactly “fun” in the light-hearted sense, but the go-getter attitude will be contagious. If you decide you’re going to have fun, you’re going to damned well have fun. Anything requiring leadership will have an easy time today, although people may not like the bossy attitude.

How are you doing this week?

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