7 of Pentacles – Patience is a Virtue

I got this card a lot while Saturn was transiting my 12th house, but I will talk about that sometime later. I have a lot of fire, and I can be impatient! You can cause yourself strife due to your impatience. You can also cause strife for others due to your impatience.

What is working in your life right now, and what is not working in your life right now?

Might you need more patience?

Many things worth having take a lot of time. If you have patience, time can resolve a lot.

I thought it was strange to get a card about patience with Aries season coming up, but don’t you think some Aries need to learn to have patience sometimes? Do you think, you might need more patience, sometimes?

If something isn’t going your way, might having patience help? Might the issue resolve itself with a little time?

There are times to ram and put in more effort, and there are times to give it a rest.

I decided to check the astrology to see when planets will start moving into Aries.

On March 6th, Mercury will move into Aries, and on the 7th, Venus will join the sign. Venus in Aries is a placement where, “I want it, and I want it now!”

Saturn is in Capricorn and will square Mercury and Venus in Aries. Mercury in Aries wants to race around, high speed, but Saturn says, “Wait! Slow down!”

You may feel blocked or delayed where your mind (Mercury) and desires (Venus) are concerned. Communication (Mercury) might be slow (Saturn).

But Saturn in Capricorn is slow and methodical. Little efforts add up, and sometimes, you just have to stand back and leave things alone. It’ll take longer to cook your food if you keep opening the pot to see if it’s done yet. Nevermind, digging up your seeds, to see if they’ve grown yet. You did the work, and now, it’s in progress! Sometimes, you’ve got to W-A-I-T and leave it alone.

Remember, we’ve still got these planets in Pisces. They’ll help you have a little faith and go with the flow.

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