6 of Swords – Life is a Voyage

The Six of Swords depicts a woman in a boat filled with swords. It generally means moving away from pain and sorrow.

There’s been a stellium in Pisces in the sky. Pisces is known to flow.

The current carries the boat to its destination. She does not know where she is going. She cannot control where she is going. She does not have a means of changing the boat’s direction. She is left to flow wherever the tide takes her. There are greater forces at work.

She only knows that she is going away from painful events that happened before. She does not know whether she will find land or what will become of her.

But the 6 in the 6 of Swords is a number of harmony. She may temporarily end up in better conditions or worse conditions. She doesn’t know.

Life is a voyage, and sometimes, we’re stuck in a boat, not knowing where we are going. Adrift, what adventure awaits us next? What unknown lands will we flow to? Where are we going on our path? Perhaps, it’s somewhere that we’re meant to go.

How are you flowing with the stellium in Pisces?

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