Queen of Flowers, Queen of Swords – Acting with Integrity, You Get to Choose

This Queen is often associated with conflict. This particular version of the card likes pain and conflict. She revels in it.

She can be biting, moody, and sarcastic. She can be cutting and mean. She can be conflicted!

However, at her best, she can be a logical, clever, and caring advisor. She can be a fountain of knowledge, funny, and a great conversationalist.

She chooses how she wants to act.

Is she a friend, an enemy, or someone in-between?

Being both nurturing and logical, she represents the emotions and the intellect.

Sometimes, the mind and emotions are in conflict. Sometimes, they are in tune.

This week may be a stormy one.

What is the right thing to do? (Saturn in Capricorn)

The mind and emotions may be tested.

You might be in a mood. Others may be in a mood. One would hope that the mind and mood are aligned, but that is not always so. Is it better to listen to the mind or the heart?

You are the one who has to live with your decisions and their consequences, so this card suggests making wise decisions with the future in mind. Seek an outside opinion if necessary.

The mind and heart provide information. Sometimes, they appear to be in conflict, but are actually not. Sometimes, there is no real conflict, just resistance or stubbornness, when a clear answer is known right there in one’s heart.

How do you want to act this week? This lifetime? What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to represent your high side or your low side? You get to choose.

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