5 of Wands – Challenge

This week’s card is 5 of Wands, which is about challenge. It’s been incredibly challenging for me lately, and it probably is for you, too.

The card is also about strife and competition.

It reflects the astrological theme for the week. We have a stellium in Aries and Capricorn and Mars is in Capricorn. Mars will be in tight conjunction with Saturn later in the week.

This card makes me think of times in life where you might have to compete with others. It could be at school, work, or even an athletic competition. Competition is a Mars function. Competition can be healthy. Competition can motivate a person to achieve more than they would without any competition.

If you’re competing with others, you have to train. You have to train, study, discipline yourself, or work hard to meet a standard. These activities are a combination of Mars-Saturn energies. There is also the potential to feel you’re not good enough, but if you decide to take up the challenge, you could be very successful on many fronts.

You might feel pressured, but if you use the pressure to fuel yourself, you might very well meet your targets.

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