Chariot – Boat Ride to the Future!

This week, we have the Chariot.

In this version, the Chariot is depicted as a boat.

If you’ve been stuck, you can expect things to start moving forward.

Jupiter in Scorpio, a water sign, has gone direct.

Personally, I’ve been resolving many issues that I dealt with during Saturn’s transit of my 12th, and issues that started during that time have also started resolving themselves. Leave it up to Saturn in Capricorn to tie up loose ends.

In the typical Chariot card, the charioteer tries to steer conflicting forces. In this card, the woman on the boat is triumphantly being carried to her destination by the waves.

So look out for this kind of thing in your life. If you’ve been struggling or stuck, you might notice the blockages lifting. Internal and external barriers starting to erode and disappear. Align with this flow. This boat ride is one that will carry you to your future!

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