The World – Growing Up

When you’re young, you might have some apprehension going out into the world.

That small amount of fear and nervousness as you stand to face the world outside. Maybe even terror as you leave the comfort of the womb.

The world is about completion, but it’s also about new beginnings.

You leave behind the world you find comfortable. As a child, this might be the home life you are used to. You know the ins and outs. There is also a mastery of this sphere of life. You’ve seen everything there is to see in your house, in your town, or in your city.

Taking the experiences you have gathered from the world you have known, you embark on new territory. There may be a little nervousness, since it is unfamiliar. The skills, experience, and memories from your world of your origin are never lost. But you know that you must move forward, outside your comfort zone, as there is a whole new world waiting for you.

Can you relate?

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