December 22, 2014 ~ December 26, 2014

Monday, Dec. 22
8 of Cups
Monday starts off with a stellium in Capricorn. The mood will be serious and sober. It will be hard to deny reality. However, the 8 of Cups provides a way to work with this energy, which will also be applicable when Saturn moves into Sadge on Wednesday. The 8 of Cups can be about a vision, dream, or a goal. The man on the earth (Capricorn) takes actions grounded in reality and makes his journey towards his vision (Sadge). If you can blend these energies well, you’ll far much better today as well as while Saturn is in Sadge.

Tuesday, Dec. 23
Queen of Pentacles
Tuesday, Saturn spends its last day in Scorpio. The Queen of Pents suggests putting your things in order, cleaning up, and wrapping up.

Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve
6 of Swords
Wednesday, Saturn has moved into Sadge. There is an air of leaving things behind to progress towards the future. The Moon is also in Aquarius which eases the process by allowing people to detach from past pain and turmoil.

Thursday, Dec. 25 – Christmas Day
3 of swords
Thursday, people may not be feeling so hot. Obligations will create tension, but people will try to be polite. If you push anybody, they may just give you the finger and exit stage left.

Friday, Dec. 26
Friday, there is potential for relief. If you’ve been doing what’s right, you get to relax and enjoy yourself. If you haven’t, you may be feeling nagged by all the Capricorn planets in the sky. It’s not too late to get your act together and catch up, even if you’ve already gotten warned by an authority figure (Capricorn). With the Moon in Pisces aspecting Saturn in Sadge, it will be hard to feel good without doing some kind of work (Saturn), but the reward is that you get to dream and feel bliss (Neptune) afterwards.

Happy holidays!

How are you faring this week?

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