December 29, 2014 ~ January 2, 2015

Monday, Dec. 29
Queen of Wands/Crosses
If you’re feeling low today, the Queen reminds us that no matter what conditions you’re in, you are still a Queen. Your self-worth and self are independent from the conditions you are in. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget this and remember the assets of your soul.

Tuesday, Dec. 30
Ace of Wands/Crosses
Tuesday, with the Moon in Aries then Taurus, is a good day for doing things. There is not much baggage or tendency to dwell today, so execution between actions will be clean. It’s finish one thing and on to the next, without looking back.

Wednesday, Dec. 31
Two of Wands/Crosses
Wednesday, two of wands indicates progress. You’ll be able to tackle more complicated matters today.

Thursday, Jan. 1
8 of Wands/Crosses
Eights are often about confines and comfort. Eight of Wands is usually about free-wheeling, sudden opportunity. With Saturn in Sadge, there is a stabilizing effect which create meanings more along the line of solid (Saturn) opportunity (Sadge) and working (Saturn) to create your luck (Sadge). New Year’s day is a good day to use this energy to plan (Saturn) ahead for your future (Sadge).

Friday, Jan. 2
Friday is very hopeful and forward-looking. The Sun suggests looking towards the future. It also poses a reminder that even when you feel low or get stuck in the dark that the Sun shines somewhere.

How are you doing this week?

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