January 12, 2015 ~ January 16, 2015

Monday, Jan. 12
Queen of Pentacles / Masks
Monday, the focus will be on work — managing it, organizing it, finishing it. You had stuff you wanted to get done anyways.

Tuesday, Jan. 13
6 of Wands / Crosses
Tuesday, starts off on a positive note. There is optimism and fiery energy that can be directed towards projects, exercise, or fun. The key is to use up some of this energy so it does not build up or get squandered.

Wednesday, Jan. 14
8 of Swords / Roses
Wednesday, people may feel low with the Moon in Scorpio. Some may even be in excruciating pain. Be kind to others today and try to get through the day. Remember that moods change and that this feeling won’t last forever.

Thursday, Jan. 15
Page of Swords / Roses
Thursday, eases up on the pain. People have gotten through the worst and are able to handle it better. Some people may be out there spitting poison, but most will be able to communicate their feelings without spite.

Friday, Jan. 16
3 of Pentacles / Masks
Friday, the mood stabilizes. People are willing to cooperate and help each other. It’s a good day for bonding and solidifying your relationships.

How are you doing this week?

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