January 19, 2015 ~ January 23, 2015

Monday, Jan. 19
Monday, the Moon is in earthy Capricorn. While the Moon is down to earth today, it does not mean you can’t dream or be inspired. When you gaze at the Moon, it can elicit feelings, thoughts, and imaginings. Monday is a good day to prepare your goals for the New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Jan. 20
5 of Pentacles / Masks
Tuesday, you may feel (Moon) bereft (Capricorn) as the week seems to drag on. Your mind may wander into dark places, and you may desire to escape. You have the option of grinding it out or exploring this side of yourself. If you decide the latter, be sure to come back to the land of the living.

Wednesday, Jan. 21
Wednesday, the Fool appropriately marks a new start. The Moon in Aquarius emphasizes an unfettered, innovativative, and liberating energy. If you are stuck, you can use this energy to refresh and revitalize your life.

Thursday, Jan. 22
Queen of Pentacles / Masks
Thursday, the Moon enters Pisces midday. There is potential for shapeshifting (Pisces/Masks) of many sorts. You may not behave like yourself, others may not behave like themselves, or people may interpret things that are not there. In this ball of confusion, try to be mindful and tolerant. The Queen of Pentacles reminds us to be practical and down to earth.

Friday, Jan. 23
9 of Cups / Butterflies
Friday, you may feel “neither here nor there.” There is emphasis on pining and dreaming. You may do some of your most creative work today if you can overcome the temptation to be comatose.

How are you faring this week?

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