January 26, 2015 ~ January 30, 2015

Monday, Jan. 26
Ace of Wands
Monday, the Ace of Wands complements the Moon in Aries. The Ace is like a divine spark and the Wands are passion and fire. In any endeavor today, if you are stuck, you’ll have much luck getting unstuck because there is energy present to go without restraint.

Tuesday, Jan. 27
High Priestess
Tuesday, we have the High Priestess with the Moon in Exaltation in Taurus. The Moon is well-placed in Taurus, a stable earth sign. The High Priestess advises a person to use their senses and intution. Combined, these interpretations seem to say to appeal to your senses and sensual side to nurture yourself and listen to any signs or messages you get.

Wednesday, Jan. 28
Wednesday, look for any dead parts of your life or something you may have fear about. You don’t have to to anything about it right this very moment. Just acknowledge it, notice it, and make peace with it if possible.

Thursday, Jan. 29
Thursday, we move away from the heaviness on Wednesday to a card full of hope. What do you wish? What do you plan for the future? What aspirations do you have? Save them. Do them if you can. If you’re in a fog of a confusion, maybe making a bucket list will help.

Friday, Jan. 30
2 of Swords
Friday, the work week ends with the Moon in Gemini. You may feel conflicted by all the opposing or deceptive chatter. The noise is just for show. Read between the lines and listen to your intuition on the matter.

How are you faring this week?

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